Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 summary

A summary of the posts issued in 2015. I hope you enjoyed them all.
First of all, I want to thank you for being there one more year.

In this 12 months we have practised some new mathematical issues. I hope you have enjoyed them.

Here you have a list of the posts of this year 2015:

  • Flavius Josephus and the puisi-nanoq game.

    We started the year in Greenland, among seals and bears, with a puzzle about modular arithmetic in which we discovered the Flavius Josephus problem.

  • A galactic prize.

    Later we traveled to the far west, to try to build enormous numbers with a few figures. This entry was rewarded with the first prize of the mathematical Spanish contest "Edición 6.2 Número Pi" del Carnaval de Matemáticas.

  • The awkward question.

    We went to Guanzhong, in China, where we learnt some mathematical methods to ask questions about awkward issues.

  • Sabotage in the stores.

    We returned to Madrid, to face a problem of simplification.

  • Spirals and roulettes.

    And to close the season, we take a quick look at the spirals and helices at Monaco.

I hope that next year you'll also visit my blog. And that you will enjoy my new issues. Thank you very much. I wish you a happy 2016!

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